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Soy Wax Coconut Shell Candle | Toasted Coconut

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Visualise a relaxing evening with the aroma of toasted coconut in the air. Made from 100% natural soy wax, complimented with a beautiful organic coconut shell simply sit back, relax and let the sound of a crackling wooden wick do the rest.

Get the best from your candle

Here are some helpful tips regarding your coconut shell candle. For the perfect burn, we would recommend trimming the wick to about 5mm in length. This can be done carefully with sharp scissors. We wouldn't recommend sawing it with a sharp object.

When you first light your candle, if you have not reduced the wick, the flame may reach over an inch in height at first! it's fine to light, but and will settle once wick has reduced in size. 

If after this your flame is to small, blow the candle out, leave to cool, then rub the top of the wick. Relight and it will be perfect!

Please follow the care instructions on the packaging your candle will arrive in.

Wick crackling

Soy wax candles are chemical and paraffin free (that's why we love them!) they will not scorch and they will not soot. Crackling is determined by things like this also. The amount they crackle is also determined by what air and moisture is trapped in the wick, and how far down. This opens up and reacts with the heated surface, causing the crackle. Every candle is different some crackle all the time, some a little less that's also part of the beauty of nature. The smell will be amazing though!


Once your candle has finished it's burn cycle, you will be left with the most amazing coconut shell. Why not re-use for something great? a mini planter? bits and bobs around the home? be creative and let us know! 


  • Your product has been hand made by our amazing artisans
  • We put passion over profits. Our bowls are sourced ethically
  • These are natural products and must be cared for correctly
  • Coconut shells vary slightly in shape, colour and texture
  • See our care instructions by clicking here
  • We are a completely plastic free company
  • All our packaging is completely recyclable
  • Dimensions in centimetres are approximately: Candle Shell W12cm D10cm
Type: Coconut Candles

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