Our Story | Why we founded CoconutBamboo.com

 Read all about how we founded CoconutBamboo.com. Our story will be written by us, but the difference really does begin with you.

Our Passion

We've always been cautious about plastic waste, but everything seems to have it nowadays. Literally everything. It's cheap to produce, and convenient to use but has so many negative benefits. It's not biodegradable and it's full of nasty chemicals! Sadly, not all plastics are recyclable either.

The world will always have it, at least for some years yet this but how we dispose of it makes a huge difference to the world we live in. Our story is a little different to why we launched CoconutBamboo.com. It's not an exotic story sadly, but very real none the less. We like many other families spend as much time visiting the Devon and Cornish coastlines here in the United Kingdom. In particular we absolutely adore Devon Cliffs and Lyme Regis! for those that have been here will understand how beautiful this place really is and we highly recommend a visit.

Our Motive

Back in 2019, we were walking along the cobb (a harbour in lyme regis) a place that we had visited many times before over the years, but on this occasion what we saw really changed our perspective on things. An area of what used to be crystal water and fish had become a collective float of bottles, packets, and general waste just bobbing up and down in the water. Somewhat shocked, It really opened up our eyes to how bad things were starting to become. So with that being one of many reasons, we started hunting for ways to make a difference ourselves.

Our Contribution

To replace plastic bowls with sustainable coconut bowls, plastic cutlery with bamboo and reclaimed wood and replace standard packaging with new eco-friendly and biodegradable materials. We are a ZERO plastic company and all materials we use and sell are chemical and pesticide free.

Our packaging and products are made only from natural and completely recyclable materials such as coconut, bamboo, cotton, hessian and Kraft paper.

Everything we do together now will enable a better future for us, and the generations that follow us. Change really does start with you, enjoying the beauty of our products is only one of the benefits!

We welcome to our family and thank you for reading our story.