Helping to rebuild the worlds Ecosystem

Helping to rebuild the worlds Ecosystem
The Facts
Our planet is covered by over 70% water. Rising up through the years, the world's eco system will be damaged quite possibly beyond repair if we do not act together. The large rising of the concentration of greenhouse gases and CO2 cause by us. Spanning the entire globe, these changes are causing a number of devastating environmental impacts at a dramatic rate.
Marine Ecosystems
Oceans are warming, and rising, and marine life including miles of coral reefs are becoming extinct. I personally couldn't bare the thought of a world without beautiful oceans, and captivating species to admire. Since a small child, the ocean is where I longed to go, to play, to swim.. Even as an adult, the only place I can really clear my head is sitting on the sand listening to the waves crash in, there really is no place more special to me, and my children follow the same passion.
Continuously increasing acidity levels are slowly making blue carbon habitats disappear. We are already are at a 30% loss. This is caused by a decrease in oxygen levels, and an increase in Carbon Dioxide concentration.
Did you know?
A survey of nearly 6000 people produced an extremely interesting view on climate change and its causes. Over 89% are worried about climate change. 10% were slightly concerned, and 1% didn't care at all. What percentage would you fall in?
We can all help in our own little way. Renewable energy such as solar and wind can reduce rates dramatically, but as individuals, thing such as reducing unsustainable waste such as plastics will make huge differences across all daily environments. are proud club 250 members of Surfers Against Sewage. Join the fight in removing plastics from our oceans today.
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